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Weekend sweetness.

I was kind of grumpy last week. I was trying really hard to not to be, as I had no discernable reason for being such a bothersome person to be around.  However, it didn't always work and, therefore, I was grumbly and irritated with myself.    Grrr.   

And then Saturday happened.  Just a lot of happy.

In the mail was a letter to me from the school (always kind of a anxiety-inducing thing) that said the Older One has been selected to receive the Optimist Award at next week's PTA meeting.  She was selected by her friends (new and old) as the person who made new students feel the most welcome.  How cool is that??? 

The O.O. also finished an embroidered pillow for her (BFF) friend's birthday.  Can I say how proud I am of this?  It's so cute.  She labored over tiny stitches because she loves the way the tight stitching looks.  She designed it herself.  She was so proud to give this to her friend (who loved it, of course!).  And I stepped back and thought, hey, I'm doing something right.  My little Optimist.


The Older One had the birthday party to go to all afternoon, so Mr Pink and I packed up Fidget and drove the almost 2 hour trip to Columbia to see the MU Tigers beat the tar out of the Red Raiders of Texas Tech.  Mr Pink has season tickets, but I stopped going to every game around the time I was sick and fat and pregnant with Fidget.  Since then, I've been to one or two.  Gosh, I forget how fun they are.  Of course, I was a little worried about Fidget.


MU tigers -

I shouldn't have been.  Girl loved it.  I mean, LOVED it.  The music, the crowd, the food, the yelling... she was "all in."  M-I-Z-Z-O-U!!! She had so much fun that she lost a shoe.

little tiger


The only reason we left at the end of the third quarter was because we had to get back to town for the Older One... That was 2 quarters longer than we thought she would last.  So it was worth the drive.  AND I got about 3 hours total embroidery time in the car, there and back, so I was even happier for that. 

That night I finished up some gifting for a friend of mine... who's turning 29 (for the first time.) I can't post much of the results because I don't want to spoil her surprise... but I did have fun with the gift wrap for part of it:

gift card pouch


And I am so in love with velvet ribbon right now I want to put it on everything.  Everything.



Car embroidery is so wonderful! And what fun to enjoy the game - although this jayhawk is feeling a little ill seeing that sea of black and gold.


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