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Super Easy Family Favorite

This recipe is shared by a couple of my friends and we all swear by it.  It's the perfect go-to dish for family dinners or last minute houseguests, for middle of the week + leftovers, for whatever.   And it's just too good not to share.
No-Boil Lasagna.  (The Total Cheater Method.)
Oven 350
Lasagna noodles
2 lg cans/jars spaghetti sauce
2 lb ground beef
24 oz cottage cheese
16 oz (2 cu) grated mozzarella
grated parmesan cheese (to taste)
1 egg, beaten
parsley flakes
1) Brown beef and combine with spaghetti sauce.  Spice it up, if desired. ( I DO)
2) In a separate bowl, combine cottage cheese, mozz (all but 1/2 cup), parmesan, parsley flakes, and egg
3) Layer ingredients:  Sauce, Noodles, Sauce, Cheese, Noodles, Sauce, Cheese, Noodles, Sauce, 1/2 cu. mozz on top.
4) Cover with foil (shiny side down).  Put casserole dish on foil lined pan, in case it oozes over like mine does...
5) Bake for 70 min.  Broil to brown top, if desired.
Let stand before serving -- it's hot!
For variety, I will use less meat and chop up mushrooms and onions and spinach... I always spice it up quite a bit.  I never really make it the same twice, but it is ALWAYS good.  Noodles always cook in the sauce.  Prep time for me is is usually about 20 mins or so, esp if the beef is already thawed.


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