The Vodka Solution

I'd like to think I'm a pansy

Just photos today.  I actually have a few project thingies I need to post -- new aprons, baby doll bedding & matching big girl bed pillows, a little outfit for fidget with a ruffled hem.... but those later. 

Today I am cozying up to my cup of coffee, trying to get a little work done, and enjoying the gorgeous color from my deck:


I planted pansies in this big container in Spring 2006.  They stayed all summer, got huge last fall and hung around most of the winter... and then must have reseeded, because I had a huge potfull of them this spring too.  Now that it's cooling off, they're back in full bloom, paying no attention to the 1-gallon mum I just plopped on their heads!


They're spunky, those pansies.


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