I'd like to think I'm a pansy
I really do make things:


Despite the rain that won't quit and water that seems to seep into my house everywhere I look and the dog that is stinking everything up because she cannot do her business outside when there is a threat of any 'weather', I'm in a pretty good mood today.

Yesterday, while the rain stopped for a few minutes, I ran out to the mailbox and had a couple wonderful surprises.  (Hmmm, do they count as surprises if I ordered them?)  A stack of delicious fabrics from Z&S:


a HUGE Real Simple pre-holiday issue, and the new Anthropologie STITCH catalog...  I tell you what, my frown turned upside-down right then.

I sorted through all my new lovely fabrics and immediately chose the next one I would use.  Whee!  I love the Chocolate Lollipop line from FreshCut... it's so feminine and modern at the same time.  And the colors are so perfect for fall gifting.


And then I flipped through the STITCH catalog and, whoa!  I was taken back by this gorgeous blanket on page 23, the Weston Park throw:


"Swatches of creamy sweaterknit are patched together and detailed with plump roses, while printed velvet laps around the expanse. "  (copy and image shamelessly borrowed from the anthro website)

So I don't really need another project idea right now, because my list is growing way faster than I can handle, but -- goodness gracious -- isn't this yummy?  I have been wanting to bind a quilt with velvet for a while now, but I love the ruffle so much.

Now, if a rainy day meant cozying up with a blanket like that, bring it on...   


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