Super Easy Family Favorite

busy busy busy

LasTaking lasagna/salad to a friend with a newborn.    I have the easiest no-boil lasagna recipe ever, and it is a fail-safe crowd pleaser.  I might post that later on. 
It really should be shared. 

Holding baby.  *sigh*

Giving a little embroidered wall hanging.  Which she could turn into a pillow front or something.  I enjoyed making it.  She didn't know boy/girl, so the nursery was green and a black children's toile.  Very pretty.  This fabric is more of a green/dark brown combo, but it works.


Embroidering: I am so enjoying embroidery these days.  Ordered Sublime Stitching a while back and used one of the baby carriage designed for this project. 

Quilting: A baby quilt for another friend, and am loving how it's turning out.  I should take some WIP pics, I suppose. 


Loving: Fidget got her 'craft' on last week and made some jack-o-lantern pumpkins, too. Look at those fingers. I tell you, she took this very seriously. :) So sweet.

Izzy's pumpkin


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