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Link to Hawaii pics...

Just in case anyone cares to see more about my trip, it's on my family blog... we posted while on vacation.  One, because I'm a dork,  Two, because I had to download the pics daily.  And, three, because I knew I'd never have time to journal it all when we got back, if I was lucky enough to remember all the pics anyway.

So, here's our family blog:


password: topsecret

That's the link to the first day, and you can kind of click through the links on the top for the next day... I'm putting this out there because the only reason I made it private was that I didn't want my ex-husband and his family reading it.

Enjoy.  (And yes, I pay for two completely separate blogs -- even though I could publish three on the one typepad account. There are somethings I don't need all my friends and family knowing.  And they really wouldn't care to read about aprons and stitches and, especially, my thrift finds.  This blog, if anything, is more private.  But completely total strangers are completely welcome.  LOL What does THAT say about me???!!!) 

XO.  C.


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