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Groovy Girl's room

I am tired of kicking myself for not taking a full round of pics before she came back from CA.  Because I know -- heck, we all knew -- her room would never be as photo-ready ever again.  But I waited.  So I scrambled on Monday to tidy up in there and take a few pictures of my furniture refinishing projects before my sister showed up for the week. 


GG's room is over the garage.  It's HUGE.  Like 25 feet long huge.  And the ceiling makes it wierd.  And the window is small and narrow.  The room actually has a dog-leg (or panhandle, if you prefer) - so you can't see her vanity from here, because it is against a hidden wall of sorts.  This room is a challenge on a couple levels.  And it's purple, which is a color she wanted a long time ago, but I wasn't about to change this summer... so she is kind of stuck with it for now, but this color combo is growing on us.  It might get changed to pink eventually.


This wall is only like 55" high, so no mirror, given GG is already about 5' tall.  It would be too weird.  I had these canvasses from her old bedroom decor and we just tossed them up there.   

I really like how the dresser finish came out.


The TV armoire is my favorite piece.  1) because it fits in her room, despite the short walls.  2) because it hides the hideousness that was her tv, cds and dvds and stuff that goes along with it, 3) it adds more storage, with those drawers at the bottom.  Whee!


I ran out of steam in the 100 degree garage this summer, so the interior of the armoire did not get painted.  We also had to cut the back out for the tv.  Which meant slicing through the existing attached shelf.  But we tried to keep it to a minimum and you don't really notice it. 


The wall with the vanity was painted with chalk paint... so it's still several steps behind in the room makeover -- BUT, isn't this little vanity fun?



Her bed isn't very exciting, but it's what she wants.  I painted the wood to match the dresser and covered the rest with a greenish print that picks up from the other pieces.  She picked out her bedding.  Eleven year olds have very specific design preferences.


This is a corner by her closet that I outfitted with some wall hooks next to one of the mirrors that were supposed to go over the dresser.  She bought the director's chair at a garage sale this summer and insists on using it.  :)


So that's it.  It's not perfect.  It's not painted yet.  But there is a boat-load of storage now and I am very happy about that!   It's a shame we don't have before pics.  It really was special.   



What kind of paint did you use on the dresser? I have a similar dresser in an icky 1970's brown stain that I'd love to redo similar to the way you did. Any tips would be greatly appreciated!

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