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That little cool snap we had last week got me in the mood...

Fall is coming. I am willing it to come by dragging out my 'Off Season' clothes bins.  Yesterday I tossed all my beloved jeans and cords and sweaters in the dryer with a damp towel and some fabric softening sheets to freshen them up before putting them in the closet... I love this ritual! 


For the 8 years I lived in SoCal, I didn't really get to do this.  I moved things around in my closet, but it wasn't the same.  I had gotten rid of all my big bulky sweaters, except for 2 or 3 that I might want to pack on a weekend trip to Big Bear (*sigh*), but I pretty much wore outfits from the same pool of clothes year-round.  Even in the summer out there, nighttime is cool enough for jeans and sweatshirts.


Back home in the Midwest, bringing out the fall and winter stuff is such a yummy tactile experience.  I love pulling out big softie wools and cashmeres and running my hand over the variety of denims and corduroy... The sweatshirt from college I cannot give up. It kept me warm all those long afternoons at the library.  Or my first real cashmere sweater, a gift from my husband that I could wear every day,  Or all the ribbed cotton turtleneck sweaters that are so freakishly versatile and timeless I can't help but have one in every color!  LOL  A pair of cords that I really can't fit into anymore, but I LOVE, and I keep around just in case I get that skinny again. Hello, old friends.


I got out my spicy vanilla-ish housewarmer candles.  The afternoon sun is a warm, amber glow in our backyard now.  Not the harsh humid white heat of just weeks ago.  Fall projects and winter gifts ideas are starting to play out in my head, too... it's like I got bit by some wonderful cozy sentimental bug! 

Anyone else?



ah..I wish I could catch your enthusiasm! While in SoCal, myself, I adored that we wore stocking caps and scarves as embellishment -- not out of need! I am excited about fall, but I feel anxious about the winter that follows. I found it so depressing last year (My first one back in the Midwest). Sigh. Wishing you a(and me) a looooong lovely fall, and a short MILD winter!


Your post is making me wish I was in the Midwest again. After years of living in IN, OH and MI, we're now in TX... We *might* need sweaters in January, but even then it's iffy.


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