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Hawaiian Quilt

Back in the swing...

Yes, I was gone.  I just took off to Hawaii without so much as a ta-ta, didn't I?  Well, it was a little crazy around here while I was getting everything ready and getting 2 weeks of work done for the office so they didn't miss me (too much) while I was away. 



It was beautiful and wonderful of course.  But we sure did miss the girls.

I did come back with the most gorgeous Hawaiian quilted pillow and book.  I can't wait to try this technique out.  Tedious, yes, but oh-so-pretty.  I took lots of pics of a display quilt hanging at one of the hotels we stayed at... but it's on the other computer.  I promise to post it later... I just have to get back to work.

So, for the one or two people who actually stop by my little blog.... Hi! I'm back!  :)



Looks like you had a wonderful trip :)


Where were you, exactly?
I'd love to hear more :)

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