Could eat this everyday
Gotta try this - Crayons for Fidget!

It goes so fast.

I can't believe it's August 1 already.  It hardly seems possible that we're so close to October -- my absolute favorite month in the midwest.  Maybe it's the late start we got to summer.  That almost-May freeze set us back a long way in kick starting summery things and planting, that's for sure.  At the same rate, I still have to stop and remember to write '2007' on a check (when I write one...) Why do I feel like the holidays are already barreling down at us?? I'm soooo not ready for that.  Cooler temps will be nice, though.

The good news?  August means The Older One, who has been in California with her dad for the summer, is coming home soon!  I miss her sweet silliness. 

Emma24_2Last night one of my bestest girlfriends came over after work with her two and half year old daughter.  Emma and Fidget were literally doing laps in the house.  On little cars.  On foot.  On their hands and knees... whatever!  It was a riot. We played outside after it cooled off and blew thousands of bubbles (which the dog enjoyed trying to catch) and they took a turn in the sandbox.  Their wispy hair, soaked with sweat was curling around their ears.  These are the days we remember...

At 8, Fidget promptly began her meltdown, so we threw both girlies in the bath.  I brought my camera in there, but it really was a no-go situation.  Although I would have gotten the best 'I am so DONE' shot of Fidget ever, I am sure.  She was off to bed in 5 mins and then miss Emma got the bath to herself.  Fortunately, Auntie Pink had a new nightgown ready for her!

Made of a soft vintage pillowcase... I want one, in my size....



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