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Flirty Apron.. for a flirt

Goodness, the aprony projects keep coming.  My friend was out from Pheonix, you see, and... well.  She had to have an apron.  We were kind of inspired by one that I saw at Anthropologie (and geez, it was $14, I shoulda bought it!) but I thought, What the heck.  I need to tackle the whole gored-fabric-inset-thingie someday! Why not now?

So when we got back to my house, was had fun rummaging through fabric options and this is what happened: 



I love it!  :)


There is a 3rd inset that isn't showing in these pics... I'd reshoot, but this lovely is already in the desert! 

Thanks for visiting, sweetie!  MWAH! XXX

appliqued tank top

This one is for emma (who also got a nightgown not too long ago). 


The Little One has one and a tiered skirt with the same fabrics, so I also made emma a flouncy skirt out of the green print.  (The idea being that I will coordinate with my good friend, Emma's MOM, and we'll have a photoshoot together.  We'll see!  Anyway, the skirt was soooo easy, (simplicity 3810) but more than just the average tube and casing... Unfortch, I have learned they don't photograph well unless skirts are being worn, so we will have to wait for that.

checking in...

Suffering from the grand delusion that I have -- *ahem* -- readers, I was starting to feel a little guilty about not stopping by and posting my whereabouts. 

I'm not off on an exotic vacation.


We've been out in the backyard soaking up with sun. (And enjoying the shade) Playing with the dog. (And learning to 'leave her be!')  Having cookouts with the neighbor while her husband is out of town and she is caring for three kids...(oh-so-sweet baby!)  We are keeping up with the yard and the housework.(Kind of)  And finding a new part time daycare solution (and think I found it!).  We are preparing for houseguests this weekend. (Yay for old friends from far away!)

All this, and last night Mr Pink says to me, after seeing a little appliqued tank top I made for a friend's daughter, "You're really good at that stuff.  You should do it more."   

Well, the thing is, I would LOVE to.  I try.  Even if it is at 11pm at night.

Enjoy it all...

new home for my things!

The armoire is done!  Remember that antique I picked up on craigslist and drove across town in a downpour and picked up on a Saturday morning?  You don't?  Well, she's a lovely 30's-40's ish glass door armoire that was housing a 27" TV.  She had seen better days, certainly.  The back had been cut out to accomodate the tv.  The knobs were totally wrong and she hadn't been cleaned in a long time.  Someone had bleached her original darker stain at some point and done a light oak finish. So here she was in my garage:


She cleans up well though... new stain, upholstered back, new crystal knobs and pulls and a bunch of lovely fabrics and she's rocking a whole new look:


She still needs another glass shelf... easy enough.  BTW - those aren't lines in the fabric, but shadows from the way the old glass is warping.  Charming...


I'd really like to do something a little more funky on the back... but this IS (or will be, once the basement is finished and this darned desk can move OUT!) the sitting room, just across from the *FANCY* dining room, so I had to reign in the whimsy a little!  :) I'm so happy.  It's so fun to see this room take shape. 

Just for kicks, let's take a look at how far we've come. This is the same corner of the room, painted baby poop brown, with awful curtains and dark brown trim... (march 2007)


Seriously, this transformation has been so FUN!


I love skirts.  Love how they can keep you cool without showing too much leg. I love how they look with a t-shirt and flip flops (my summer wardrobe, basically).  I love how feminine and simple they are.  It seems so normal to want to wear them all the time to me... Alas, I don't see them on others as often as I would expect to -- mostly for dress-up and church.  Such a shame.  Anyhoo, I've got several in my closet, and I pick them up everywhere.  I lean toward fun florals, but have a solid or stripe in there too.  However, this is my new fave:

Of all places: Target. 19.99.  It's nice and swirly and the fabric has a nice soft-but-crisp-hand.  The dropped yoke -- thanks to the gored skirt -- is fitted and flattering....  [sold out online now, but there were still a few in my local store the other day....]

This skirt + white tank + brown strappy flip flops and a straw purse and you are ready to shop!

Little tiered skirt for Fidget

So many happy things about this last minute outfit I made for Fidge last week:


  1. It's pink and green
  2. Heat and Bond appliqué makes my day.
  3. I ♥ tiers of ruffles!
  4. This was lickety-split fast.  (And I got to type out lickety-split! Bonus!)


I used the wonderful directions from Korallin (originally borrowed from 3 Peas...) from at Kuky Ideas

Fidget loves it.  We both wore our twirly skirts the other day and had too much fun spinning and 'all fall down-ing'! :)

Happy Freedom!

Free to make silly paper flowers, play on the deck in a diaper, shoot fireworks, and enjoy friendships...


Too much good stuff going on this week...

Be happy!  And go hug a soldier!  :)