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Well HELLO!  I'm so glad you stopped by to ask what I've been up to.  Because, see, I haven't been able to post on my own without a little nudging...

So first off, here is a wonderfully practical yet totally impractical door stop.  Doing what perfectly fine bricks and door wedges have done for years with ease, I present:


7.5 lbs of pinto beans in a bird sack.  Thank the Lotta book for this one.  I couldn't help it.  And to be honest, my pre-teen daughter's door does slam a bit when the windows are open.  (It is just the wind, isn't it honey?) 

Also, the littlest daughter was the lucky recipient of my first-ever 'oatmeal can/box stool'.  7 Oatmeal cans, some felt and rick rack, and voila!

I have to admit, I really like that one.  She can sit on it, because it's only like 10 inches high... and she's not much taller than that at 15 mos....

Lastly, my cheap-o antique store table and chairs graduated from the workshop (ie my garage) to the inside of the house by way of new paint and a lovely antique faux finish.


These will look great in my soon-to-be sewing and piano room when the basement is FINALLY done and I can move all my not-as-pretty-but-pretty-necessary work stuff into my new space downstairs.  And a big HA to the guy at Lowe's who laughed at my need for a 'smoky blue paint' for my chairs.  I think they look so sweet with the satin curtains.  They are showing up a bit baby boy blue here, but I assure you they are not!  :)


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