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Chloe Quilt

Cupcake for Natalie


I have a friend in BC that I've known online for almost 2 years now.  We have babies the same age and she's a crafter, too... and although we are waaaay far apart, we chat via message board almost every day and she's like a sister to me.  She is also a very talented embroider-er-er.  ???   Anyway, she loves to make cupcakes.    So I made her one yesterday.


I really like the way the 'frosting' turned out on the top.  I got to do that while watching tv with Mr Pink Sunday afternoon.  I'm sending her the pins, too.  Because they are so happy.  :) 

That fabric in the bkgd is actually the skirt of a toddler nightgown I am making for another friend... it's so girly, I love it!


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