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Cotton Summer Nightgown

Chloe Quilt

My Chloe quilt is going out to VA Beach tomorrow to another friend who just had a baby.  Sheesh!  It's a good thing I didn't drink the same water as all of them.  I have eight friends with new babies or are expecting babies right now!  Egads.  I love this little quilt, though.

I hand quilted a top sheet and backing, and made some binding out of a funky floral.  Then I just appliqued 7 circles with heat-n-bond light and hand stiched them on too... 

... same for the centers, only I didn't turn the edges under on those.  You can see a little fraying on the edges, and I liked the texture:

This one was really easy, and I didn't worry about measuring too much... I used the fabric print as a guide for the quilting and eyeballed the rest. 


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