Cotton Summer Nightgown
getting around to it

back from AZ


Aaahhhhh.  So nice.  I am back and rested and full of new ideas!  So little time!


Yet another friend had a baby last week, so it is about time to start my new Sienna Quilt.  I'm thinking this one might be blues and greens, even though it's for a girl... but I'm not sure.   We'll have to see what fabric  jumps out at me this time!


The light was gorgeous the other night after coming home after my trip.  And after being in the desert for a couple days, everything out here in MO looked so darned GREEN!  I couldn't help but get snap-happy.  So in addition to snapping lots of pics of my mucho missed daughters, I snapped these lovelies from my yard...


This last one is a rosebud impatiens.. can you believe how many petals it's got???  Whew!  So very pretty.  Love spring.  Pretty soon it will be too darned hot for this stuff and I might have to give up my dream of a lush garden... but not yet!  :)



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