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just a bag

I wanted something wide and easy to stash all my crafting supplies for our car ride to the farm.  I had some extra fabric.  I love this bag.  It's so random and big-ish and floppy.  Perfect for the car, or my living room, their living room or whatever!  Funny, this one took about 30 mins, and got more compliments than anything else!  :)


You know you want one, too!

Sienna Quilt is done


Another baby quilt done. 


I love this one because there is so much embroidery.  Also, I was out of town when it came time to attach the binding, so it is 100% hand-sewn. 


I experimented with different designs in each 'flower' and made them all a little off center.  Like moi, of course.  It's no where near the elaborate quilts I see these days, but I like it's sweet colors and simplicity.  I any of my friends ever have BOY babies, I might like to experiment with different shapes.. and add triangles and simple squares to the mix.


Good grief, look at those letters.  I really should have marked that out before I started -- good thing the recipient won't be able to tell the difference!

getting around to it

Well HELLO!  I'm so glad you stopped by to ask what I've been up to.  Because, see, I haven't been able to post on my own without a little nudging...

So first off, here is a wonderfully practical yet totally impractical door stop.  Doing what perfectly fine bricks and door wedges have done for years with ease, I present:


7.5 lbs of pinto beans in a bird sack.  Thank the Lotta book for this one.  I couldn't help it.  And to be honest, my pre-teen daughter's door does slam a bit when the windows are open.  (It is just the wind, isn't it honey?) 

Also, the littlest daughter was the lucky recipient of my first-ever 'oatmeal can/box stool'.  7 Oatmeal cans, some felt and rick rack, and voila!

I have to admit, I really like that one.  She can sit on it, because it's only like 10 inches high... and she's not much taller than that at 15 mos....

Lastly, my cheap-o antique store table and chairs graduated from the workshop (ie my garage) to the inside of the house by way of new paint and a lovely antique faux finish.


These will look great in my soon-to-be sewing and piano room when the basement is FINALLY done and I can move all my not-as-pretty-but-pretty-necessary work stuff into my new space downstairs.  And a big HA to the guy at Lowe's who laughed at my need for a 'smoky blue paint' for my chairs.  I think they look so sweet with the satin curtains.  They are showing up a bit baby boy blue here, but I assure you they are not!  :)

back from AZ


Aaahhhhh.  So nice.  I am back and rested and full of new ideas!  So little time!


Yet another friend had a baby last week, so it is about time to start my new Sienna Quilt.  I'm thinking this one might be blues and greens, even though it's for a girl... but I'm not sure.   We'll have to see what fabric  jumps out at me this time!


The light was gorgeous the other night after coming home after my trip.  And after being in the desert for a couple days, everything out here in MO looked so darned GREEN!  I couldn't help but get snap-happy.  So in addition to snapping lots of pics of my mucho missed daughters, I snapped these lovelies from my yard...


This last one is a rosebud impatiens.. can you believe how many petals it's got???  Whew!  So very pretty.  Love spring.  Pretty soon it will be too darned hot for this stuff and I might have to give up my dream of a lush garden... but not yet!  :)


Cotton Summer Nightgown

Summertime.   Lightweight cotton nightgowns.  Ruffles.  *sigh*


I wanted to make a nightgown for my friend's daughter.  She's almost 3, which is perfect for a summer nightgown, don't you think?  My own, at 11 and 1 year are too old and too little... and I wasn't ready to toss aside the fabric combo I used on the Chloe quilt, so I whipped up this little number.


So I made this one for Emma, who is girly and loves frilly things.  I also love the simple button detail.  I handsewed a lot of it waiting for my eldest at the dentist office.


I went a little overboard with the embroidery and rick-rack... but who cares?  We had 2 episodes of 24 to catch up on last night and I needed something to keep my hands busy so they weren't full of snacky things.


I can't wait to see little Emma twirl around in her new fancy nightclothes!

Chloe Quilt

My Chloe quilt is going out to VA Beach tomorrow to another friend who just had a baby.  Sheesh!  It's a good thing I didn't drink the same water as all of them.  I have eight friends with new babies or are expecting babies right now!  Egads.  I love this little quilt, though.

I hand quilted a top sheet and backing, and made some binding out of a funky floral.  Then I just appliqued 7 circles with heat-n-bond light and hand stiched them on too... 

... same for the centers, only I didn't turn the edges under on those.  You can see a little fraying on the edges, and I liked the texture:

This one was really easy, and I didn't worry about measuring too much... I used the fabric print as a guide for the quilting and eyeballed the rest. 

Cupcake for Natalie


I have a friend in BC that I've known online for almost 2 years now.  We have babies the same age and she's a crafter, too... and although we are waaaay far apart, we chat via message board almost every day and she's like a sister to me.  She is also a very talented embroider-er-er.  ???   Anyway, she loves to make cupcakes.    So I made her one yesterday.


I really like the way the 'frosting' turned out on the top.  I got to do that while watching tv with Mr Pink Sunday afternoon.  I'm sending her the pins, too.  Because they are so happy.  :) 

That fabric in the bkgd is actually the skirt of a toddler nightgown I am making for another friend... it's so girly, I love it!

Bye-Bye Jocelyn...


I love her!  She's so pretty and sweet.  The yo-yo flowers were so fun to make...and I can just imagine baby fingering them whilst she tries to roll over and such. 


Here is a closeup of the quilting part -- I stitched 6 inch circles on the colored rows and then just straight-stitched along the seams of the white.

Joc' is gone already... off to the home of my sweet neighbor who is ready to pop any minute!