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August 01, 2014



love you! and can't wait to visit!

Tracy Harris

It is always good to have a fresh start. It sounds like you are truly enjoying the new experience. You have a wonderful family, Chris, and will make this new home the best yet. I cannot wait to read and see the new rooms and the renovation that take place. I too love before and afters!!


oh, sweetheart. I didn't know you then, but I love you now. keep breathing. xoxo

Alicia A.

I love you, friend. Big big hugs to you.

Nora and I are thinking of a road trip...


Embracing the past and future is sometimes hard, but you'll handle it with grace. Your home looks lovely already complete with lots of love. Be gentle with you and shed tears when you need. Sending a prayer your way xo

Also, your porch rocks! Drooling over your fun with a redo!

Chris Hoelter

You amaze me in so many ways, not least of which is your ability to open your heart and share it with all of us.

Bridget Salampessy

My first blog comment.. :)
For as long as I have had the pleasure, blessings to know you and your family, you are an amazing, strong beautiful woman. I hope this new home will bring you many memories full of love and laughter. Your blog is beautiful.. Take Care..


Chris, I love that you share your journey and are honest and open about your struggles. I'm glad that you're able to find comfort in the sharing and I love reading your thoughtful writing. Your new home looks amazing and I too love fresh starts and new shared adventures like you're all having together. Take care of each other. I appreciate the way you stay in touch. Sending love to you and yours. Xo kc


Beautiful post. Can't wait to see the before & afters.


Sending hugs.


We've been in our new home for a year and we're still finding new spots for old things :)

I'll be thinking of you on Sunday.


So happy for your new beginning and praying the healing continues...
thinking of you this weekend.


I've been thinking about you...xo.


I'm so so sorry! Sorry for the heartbreak that you have had to endure! I like to think Ms Darcy was so amazing and full of grace and peace and love that heaven couldn't bear to be without her. Until you meet again! Xoxo

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