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September 24, 2012



Very cool! How fun that you have all those old records. So happy to see your blog again.


Oh how I wish I had saved my old albums!


Score! We had a behemouth swedish modern console that my dad built. I would loved to have had it, but it got water damaged in a flooded basement. I know you will enjoy your treasure! xo

Alicia A.

I had a record when I was little and I can't find it anywhere online, which is weird, since we all know EVERYTHING is online somewhere. ; )
It had the Candyman song, and one about Princess Prunella, and one that went... "In our opinion, there's nothing like an onion..." and then "... we'd love to bite an onion if it didn't bite back..."
You don't have that record, do you?!

(The cabinet is awesome, btw.)


want me to run down to Blooming Deals to get that Johnny Mathis record for you?? ha ha ha!!
she's a beaute :)


Envious. What a great piece. We are visiting my brother in law. They have a beauty too that I want to sneak in my car to take home.

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