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August 02, 2012


jen v

*sigh* my heart breaks when i think of what you have been through this last year. hugs and love to you on this especially hard day.

lori / laeroport

(((((hugs)))))) I wish I could do more than that, but I hope you know how much you and your sweet family are loved.


holding you close in my thoughts. xo


(((hugs)))) Chris. Your Darcy will be forever remembered.


I'll be thinking of you this weekend.


Chris, I think of you and your Darcy so often. My heart hurts for you. Sending you so much love. xx

Still Playing School

I am a long time reader. We also lost our daughter in 2011. I was pregnant with her but expecting to lose her due to a fatal diagnosis once she was born when I read about your sweet Darcy. I have looked forward to your updates since then, to follow along with your journey, so similar yet different from mine. Much love to you.


Chris, you and your family are often on my mind. I pray you find peace and comfort on this day. {{hugs}}


Hugs to you. I cannot even imagine the heart brake of losing a baby. May you find peace.


i love you.


you can do it, mama! xx

amy h

I've been thinking of you since I got up this morning, Chris. Hugs to you. Busy hands, and then rest.


i love you.
i've been thinking of you all day.

mrs d

tears. My heart is breaking for you... as a momma I can't imagine.




Thinking of you!


My thoughts and prayers are with you, as they were when I first read your story last year. I think you are very brave and strong. Hugs.

FYI, the link to your store doesn't seem to work, as (I remember) it didn't work in your last post. Would love to visit Pemberlie as soon as I'm able.


I continue to think of you and your family often. Our due dates were very close and although I lost my little baby girl much earlier than you, my heart broke in a way I never knew was possible. I am happy to see what you have done with your new shop but still so so sorry that things turned out this way for you. My thoughts and prayers are with you still during this particularly difficult time and the times ahead.

Lisa Clarke

Thinking of you this month.
I, too, have experienced great creativity and fulfillment in the wake of heartbreak. It's interesting how one feeds the other. Of course, we wish never to have experienced a sad loss, but at the same time, we are thankful for what has been built as a part of the healing process. Life is strange, eh?

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