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spring seems to be here.

It seems fitting for me this year that it is in all ways not like ones in the past.  It's early, unpredictable and quite welcome.  I keep waiting for the shoe to drop, but so far things look good.  No freezes in the forecast.  The oddest thing for me was starting my allergy meds in February and kicking them up a notch this week as the green came out in full force. 

Still, the change of seasons has put me on edge about some things. My warmer clothes don't all fit yet, so there is the reminder that I am still post-partum and need to give myself a bit more time.  The tug of loss is there, brought about by something as silly as bringing out the 'off-season' clothes.  It's still very raw.

I'm turning 40 next month, as well.  So there is the range of emotions that goes with that.  And we had to put our sweet family pet, Autumn, to rest just two weeks ago, at almost 14 years and a long battle with abdominal tumors.

But spring promises new life and new beginnings.  I want to drink in the delicious greens and delicate blooms I see emerging and follow their lead.



It has been quite welcome here, too. (((Hugs))) for you!

jen v

no signs of spring here yet in fact we have seen dustings of snow the last few days.
i really love reading what you are up to. be gentle to yourself. you look absolutely stunning in the pics from NOLO. and i promise 40 isn't so bad. especially surrounded by all the people that love you.


It will be tough for a while yet, poppet. But slowly, your world will get bigger around it....this Sunday our firstborn would/should/could have been celebrating his 8th birthday (he died during the birth) and I still well remember the cycle of pulling out the off-season clothes, or being reminded in some other small, yet meaningful (to me) way. You're doing an amazing job.


hang in there<3


go easy friend. give yourself time. it's ok to move slow.
spring shows us such beauty, and maybe we all need it just a little earlier this year.
(and can i say, i'm a tad bit happy someone else is entering their forties? totally selfish, i know. but welcome to this funky group!)


I turned 40 earlier this month, and I survived. I actually feel quite good about it. Spring is a subtle one here in the SW. If you blink, you miss it and jump right into summer. Be gentle with yourself and know you are supported.


I know you don't know me, but my prayers are with you, that you may be uplifted and be brought comfort in the beauty of His grace. May you and yours enjoy a wonderful Spring!


Thinking about you...and praying for beautiful days ahead :)

beth pledger

my knee jerk reaction for coping with loss is the plant something that blooms. Maybe your yard could use just one extra tree or bush this spring for just that reason?


I have enjoyed 40 so far and I only have a month left til I'm 41. I'm so sorry to hear about Autumn. She was a beautiful dog. Still think of you often and your family. One of these days, we'll get together. I keep hoping since Michael goes to KC once a month now. Hugs to you and your family.


Enjoy what the new season has in store for you. Wishing you the best.


So sorry to hear about Autumn. Lots of hugs and kisses coming your way. BTW, you have an early spring, so it is like summer here! 5 days in the 80's in the first week of March. I just hope summer is not a scorcher.

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Chris, just wanted to check in and let you know you are in my thoughts. Hang in there sweets.

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