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September 26, 2011



glad there is comfort there. xo
and that quilting...freaking awesome!


what an intensely thoughtful embrace. you + your family are truly loved, and it is so beautiful how your friendships have become the fabric of one another's lives. a treasure.
love to and prayers for you + yours, chris. xoxo


I love the quilt and I love you.


love you! xo.

Sarah :: greenclogs

I love you. But you probably know that now, since I told the whole Internet. xoxo

miss chris

@Sarah: Its just one big lovefest today. hee.


Wow. This brought tears to my eyes and gave my goosebumps. What a wonderful, loving gesture. Beautiful beautiful beautiful.


Don't feel that it is too much, my friend. I think we all felt that two block couldn't possibly be enough to show you our love. Every stitch, with love, love, love.


I'm without words at this outpour of love and compassion from your close circle of friends. What a blessing. My heart goes out to you and your family about your littlest one's passing. Perhaps, our Samantha is teaching her the ropes. Warmest thoughts.


Chris- This is so amazingly beautiful! Both visually and spiritually! I was also brought to tears and I am sending you the warmest "old friend" hug right now!


hugs, my friend! love you :)

amy h

Lori has it right -- not too much at all. Rather, not enough. I'm so happy to see your sweet family using this quilt! Take care, friend.

Lisa Clarke

I just love seeing that beautiful quilt all finished, and I especially love to see it in use, wrapping you and your family in so many good thoughts. Hugs!


You are such a treasure to so many, Chris. Love you.


Such a wonderful gift... glad it brought you some joy :)


So glad Sarah and your friends were able to wrap you in their love. You are surrounded by love - do know that.

Alicia A.

Wrap yourself up in our love, sweetie. Big hugs.


It's all so beautiful; The quilt, the gesture, your friendships.


"I still don't feel deserving of something so big, but I am so very grateful for their love."

oh honey, we only wish there was more we could do. you are so very loved (and deserving).


Beautiful! What wonderful friends you have!


wow. there are gestures, and then there are GESTURES. wow.

the thoughts and prayers of many are with you often.

Dalai Lina

It is so good to hear from you again. Your post and the beautiful quilt brought tears to my eyes. I love that they did that for you. You are such a kind, loving person, it is no wonder you have caring friends!


What a beautiful gift! Thinking of you...


I found your blog through Beki Lambert's blog. I am so sorry about your loss, it brought me to tears. I cannot imagine what a sweet surprise that quilt brought and had I known about this, I too, without even knowing you, would have happily contributed a block. I can't imagine the sorrow you have experienced. What a sweet service with a release of butterflies at the end. You sound like such a beautiful lady. Please accept my condolences for your loss.


How beautiful. I'm so glad you can all wrap yourselves up in the love that is in that quilt. Jacinta


It's fantastic! Wonderful, inspiring and you can see just made with so much love. I adore Sarahs post and I wish I had known about the quilt as would have loved to contribute. Anything to bring some sunshine to your dark and difficult days. I'm sorry again Chris it truly it's such a difficult time for you. Still thinking of you often no matter how busy my days are and I am just someone that has enjoyed your blog, your sense of humor, creativity, funny parenting stories and admired your sewing.


there's not much out there that is more awesome than a giant fidget burrito! ;) to say that i was humbled and honored to stitch together some bits of fabric for you is indeed an understatement.

Catherine Denton

My heart weeps for you. This quilt is stunning and vibrant. What beautiful friends to have done such a kindness. I pray God comforts you and your family.


what a beautiful gesture. this is the power of women when they come together, whether in person or virtually. the power to comfort, protect and help the healing process begin. blessings on you and your family in this time of sadness and healing and hope for the future.

Lasso the Moon

This is beautiful. What a precious gift. The ultimate use for a quilt is to comfort the heart.


What a gorgeous quilt. Of course anything made with a tonne of love would turn out so beautiful. I sit here in tears not knowing what words of comfort to say just as the day I grieved with my sister in law as we said goodbye to her dying newborn baby girl. I just hugged her very tight as we cried in each others arms. I just know that God has given her strength to get through it with loved ones around her and she came out the other end with another beautiful baby girl. I can see that you are blessed with this good fortune too. My heart is heavy for you but I want to say God bless you and your familyou during this time. I wish you lots of love. XOX.

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