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May 02, 2011



It looks so elegant. The color is perfect.

Catherine Denton

You're making me want to paint my cabinets. ;) Looking good so far and I wouldn't have thought to tile the shelves. Brilliant.
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things are shaping up for a pretty amazing reveal. can't wait to see the final result!


um, yeah, i need to do this.

cathy erickson

We tiled the under sink cupboard and it has been about a year and it still looks fabulous! I am SO glad we did this. Peel and stick. It always looks clean and new. The new peel and stick tiles are very very nice. Good on ya and your kitchen looks fab!


That is a really good idea! I really like the color you chose for your cabinets. I think I'm going to do this too. Unfortunately, I'll have to get my husband to fix under the sink before I'll be able to tile there, because we had a pipe leak, and the cabinet has a dip in the bottom...

Lisa Clarke

Ah, tiles, that idea is a keeper.


Those cabinets are gorgeous! Would you want to share something with us that you've made or you've been working on recently? ‎{Share the Love} link up party is starting tomorrow at mydomesticdesign.com! Please come link up!

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Looks great. I put a piece (scrap) of linolium flooring in my base cabinet under the sink. I love it. It's so easy to clean and will last forever. ;-)

Pat Sieler

I did one half of my bathroom cabinets and I am still waiting to do the other half. It looks and works really well.
Your kitchen is going to be so easy to use now. Good for you!

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I like the design. It was simply beautiful. Thank you for sharing this idea.

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