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December 17, 2010



Smashing! (and how much did I love looking back at your old apron entries and seeing ACE's baby as the next post? a lot!) I had high hopes for some yo-yo hair clips. It still might happen. maybe.


I love it! I am planning on making aprons for my hostess gifts for my wedding showers. Who doesn't love a pretty apron? :)


love this apron!


I've never wanted to be a teacher, but I'd make an exception if it meant getting one of those!


What a great gift! Makes my coffee cozy idea want to be changed to an apron!


what pattern do you use for your aprons?

miss chris

Jesse, you know, I dont really use a pattern at all.  Its a bunch of rectangles that I dont even measure!  I hang them in front of me and guess the length and width and everything.  Maybe a tute would be helpful??

xo chri

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