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December 15, 2010



Great Giveaway! I would love to get a copy of this book!


I love that polaroid is void of anything so technical....anyone can take a fun shot. Easy is nice.

Beautiful giveaway!


how neat! pick me, please!

Sarah :: greenclogs

so pretty! I'm really loving the look of that book.


That looks very cool! Thanks for the chance to win!


xoxo thanks friend! no need to enter me into the drawing i already have a copy. wink wink!


this looks lovely. am still hoping to get my oldest a polaroid one day very soon. what an inspiration! thanks C.


What a fun concept! And I'm sure a delightful book!


pick meeee!


I just remembered a poloroid pic of a schoolfriend and myself on Santa's knee..must dig it out and frame it in time for Christmas
thanks for the memories (and fingers crossed for a copy of this beautiful book).


Awesome giveaway. Of course I would love a copy of the book :)


Ooo...that looks fabulous!!! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

Judi R

Oh how I would cherish a copy of this book with the fabulous Polaroid prints. Thanks for the chance to win! Hugs, Judi


Oooo, randomize me! I have a friend that uses an old polaroid and once the photo comes out, they use the back of a pencil to swirl around the colour while it develops (early photoshop, haha!). You end up with some pretty neat photos, can't remember the name of the process. I think some millionaire bought the rights and is trying to bring the polaroid back.


(the technique listed above is under #2, but this might list a lot of fun things for your Jens)



Oh! Oh! Pick me! Pick me!



Alicia A.

Count me in, please. It looks lovely!


Jen V. was one of my very first bloggy friends, and through her I met several more people that I now call friends as well. I'm so proud of her. I know you are too.


What a fun book!


I love polaroid photos, there is something so classic and real and needless to say instant about them. There is no photoshopping a polaroid and that just makes it genuine. Would adore a copy of the book! Thank you x

Somewhere Called Home

Polaroids just seem to make things fun! So easy and no fuss!! Love love them!!


Thanks for the chance! This book has looked so tempting.

I don't use my polaroid anymore (what happened to it???), but I loved flapping those photos in the breeze to make them develop "faster" (I know it didn't work, but you had to do it anyway...)


It looks beautiful!


I grew up with a polaroid. My mother would pose us, shoot the picture and we would scurry about her as we all counted to sixty. She would pull the two tabs and the film oozed out between the little rollers. There was more counting then one of us would be allowed to peel back the goopy negative. The photo was then waved in the air to dry and then the air would fill with the amazing caustic scent of the pink jellied squeegie that fixed the shadowy B&W image for posterity. On Christmas the dining table would fill with drying polaroid prints. I am lucky to have a few shots of all ten cousins arranged on a couch with the big ones squeezing the babies and toddlers close so they would not escape back to their toys. My history has been documented by Polaroid. You bet I would like this book!


I love the simplicity of the Polaroids. They truly remind me of a time when everything was innocent and fresh. I LOVED taking them growing up and miss them so much now.

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