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November 09, 2010



ah! you are giving me so much inspiration, miss chris. however, i need some time to make all of these inspired thoughts come to life. could you give me that, too? pretty please? thank you ever so much!
yours truly,

miss chris

ha ha ha!  Cathy, every time you post a project I wonder the same thing.  Surely, between the two of us we can come up with something. 

I know.  We need a DeLorean with a Flux Capacitor.  ;)


Sarah :: greenclogs

My pile has nothing in it for me. It's all stuff for the other kids that they have outgrown because it's been sitting there for so long or pants that Jeff popped a button on *again*. So I'll just enjoy your pile and pretend that mine doesn't exist.

miss chris

What?  Nothing?  Sarah, you need to pull something out of your closet then.  The kids will all outgrow their stuff anyway.

Also, I mended a hem on a pair of hubs pants the other day.  Im not going to post about that.  Not nearly as fun. 


Another great make over! I think far too often people get rid of stuff when a simple alteration makes it look fabulous! It also helps that you have great items to start with. And girl, I can't belive you are a mom of three. I would look like a sausage in that dress, seriously.


That is the cutest thing ever. LOVE IT!


ohhh, I love it! And I love that you were able to refashion something instead of just tossing/donating it.

Dalai Lina

Honey, you look good in anything you put on!


How cute! You're inspiring me to go through my closet and start giving items a little face lift!


I am LOOKING for those boots!!!!!


a list:

you are a rockstar
the dress looks FAB
i have that same cardigan and am happy i am not the only non-XXI who shops there
i am also on a mission for a pair of boots like that. saw a pair at macy's yesterday for $298. i WON"T be getting those.

you are inspiring me. i NEED to learn to sew!

Aunt Fashionista

Ha! I forgot about that dress! Nice work sis...


GOR-GE-OUS!!!!!!! & FUN, FUN, FUN!!!!


Another great outfit on you...so cute!

pretty momma

Hmmm...two dresses in the closet just might get pulled out this weekend for an update..if i get stumped you might get a phone call;) thanks for the inspiration!


you are so stinkin' cute. and i cannot wait to meet you!


so.. it's been a while since I have taken "blog time" ... I have been doing some major catching up this morning!! I love love the way you put life back into everything you touch, your blog always inspires me.. I am taking my singer (Cliff's grandmother's ) to the shop TODAY for a little tune up!!! Don't know that I will be working on anything for myself, but I definitely must get my sewing hat on so I can make some sweet little tiny things soon ;)


I love your boots!!!

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