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November 14, 2010


Aunt Fashionista

Oohh! I love that big pillow you made! I made a couple for Matt's couch a few weeks ago, but I don't think I put quite enough stuffing in them....I totally did not take in account that they would be actually used and not just looked at! Guess I may need to open them back up.


it's beautiful fawb. all of it. even the silence that comes over a wisdom tooth removal. xo

Sarah :: greenclogs

That pillow is full of awesome. I'm going to try and finish my two pillows today - life kicked my booty this week. Glad you got those teeth out and recovered quickly!

Lindsay Jewell

It DOES look cozy! I love the pillow. :)


i am loving that afghan! quite inspiring!

*** miss chris ***

Thank you so much, everyone! The pillow is growing on me. She was a bit too much blue and pink at first, but she is settling in nicely with the other pillows and getting along well. I think I keep her right in this sunny spot.



Mind?? Not. even. close. I can't wait to get the decor on the walls, just to add your beautiful and creative garland!!


That is a great pillow and it certainly deserves extra points. Your living room is making me quite jealous with that lovely light. Hope you heal quickly!


Love the pillow (s). :o) I'm looking at your picture of your cozy living room and thinking that mine needs some polka dots.

miss chris

Thanks, Nikko!! I wasnt sure about the polka dots at first and I love them. xo


I'm making a patchwork afghan too! =)

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