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October 10, 2010



(yes, I just said OMG out loud, for real)

This is delicious. I could not love it more. So, so gorgeous!

miss chris

Thank you!!  But Im all drooly over your bag, so maybe were even.  xoxo


It is so cute, so perfect! I can't believe you accomplished it. Well, maybe I can believe it, but I'm still kind of awestruck. :)

Sarah :: greenclogs

It is absolutely exquisite. You are my hero.


No words. Just so... so... Is it weird to be in love with a coat???

Aunt Fashionista

Gorgeous! Can't wait to see it in person! yay!


Oh, the details, the details - so glorious. She looks wonderful in it too (especially that final pose!). Amazing work, you!


Oh Chris - this turned out perfect! Fantastic job... I love all the secret pockets!


Beautiful! Awesome!!


amazing work!
what a lucky little girl! it really is beautiful.


The coat is FABULOUS! And your princess is divine in it.


Absolutely wonderful! And what a super model!

UK lass in US

It looks beautiful - what a grogeous colour, too! How perfect it all looks.

I keep considering making another coat, and lovingly feeling the wool at the local fabric store, but it's hard to feel inspired when the weather is still hot.


One lucky little girl!!


She obviously loves it!! What a stinkin' fun coat! Sigh... maybe I'll have a girl next time :-)

The Sewing Dork

That turned out beautifully. I'm kicking myself for not buying the pattern when it was available. At least I got the village frock :)


Wow! That is great! What little girl would not love that coat! AND oh my goodness is your little girl precious or what! :)


Beautiful! I love the secret pockets! Very cool!


so adorable. my eye went straight to the buckle; it's such neat contrast to the sweetness of the coat because of it's scale and color.
Beautiful sewing job.

Martha Ann Murray

That coat is absolutely adorable (and so is the model - especially the last photo!) Wish I had little ones but all my little are big!


That is so adorable! Love the pockets inside.


holy moly! a keepsake, for sure.

Michelle Whitley

This is just BEAUTIFUL!!! You are phenomenal!!

Anneliese S

That is amazing! And gorgeous! So much beautiful work and how rewarding that she loves it! I want to make a coat!

Patty Boyd

Of course she likes it! What's not to like? It's beautiful! I adore all the secret pockets inside. How fun!

Dalai Lina

Annabelle wants one. What are we going to do about that since I don't sew?

Pat Sieler

She's a lucky little girl! The fabric is wonderful. The color is very special. The pockets take it over the top!

Shealynn Benner - *Shey*[B]

That is absolutely adorable!


oh Chris, it's beautiful!
And really funny....I have the same pattern that I've been meaning to try and I have that same fabric that I've need to use! Wow, a wandering coat sounds lovely. You did a wonderful job with it. It's stunning!


you rocked that. Seriously so gorgeous! such great craftsmanship and what an eye for design and color!


you are simply amazing. your daughter is soooo lucky!

Erin Tink

I seriously thought the first picture was straight out of a magazine. I'm not kidding. Then, I kept reading and realized it was Fidget in THE jacket. Wow! It's absolutely beautiful. Way to stick with it to the end. The details are so worth it.


just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful


so fantastic. You're gonna feel so proud watching her trot around in this!!


I love this. It's beautiful and looks like it look a lot of work.


adorable! i have this pattern stuffed somewhere and i think it is finally time to get it out and sew something!!!

Mary Smith

Wow! A masterpiece.

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