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March 08, 2010



Oh good grief that's a lot of bags LOL! I have... one.

I'd just use the bags for gifting (that's how I only have one in the house)... then again with incoming, you'll probably have 22 lbs of bags for a while hehe


I would fill them with chocolate chips, run up to people's houses, ring the doorbell, drop a bag on the step and RUN!


Find someone to host a baby shower for and use the baby ones as non-matching, but thematically-related party favor bags?


I like to wrap as well, but bags are handy for little one parties where they can get lost in tape and bows. When I lend someone something or bring food for pots lucks/play dates, I use the fancy bags. Even if the occasion makes little sense, the bags find a new home where someone will use them. And cookies and banana bread look so awesome in a party bag!


i just love that you weighed them.


Ha! Looks like you got into the top shelf of my closet! I've actually started using them to haul stuff around...lunches, baby/kid stuff, etc. I was ready to have the space they were taking up back!


I have the same problem!! I love to wrap and I like to use cello wrap or little cello bags with crinkle paper - so I end up with lots of gift bags. I like gift bags at Christmas time for that late night panic when 'Santa' has to finish up and get to bed so I keep a few Christmas bags on hand (and a few other super cute ones) and I donate the rest to Goodwill. It is so liberating to pass them on - I actually just donated a bunch today along with loads of colourful tissue paper!!


I would either give them to a daycare or class for craft materials or I would donate them to the Salvation Army or Goodwill.


You crack me up weighing those bags! I would cut up some and use them paper to make homemade cards for people!

mary-The Calico Cottage

well, that's a lot of bags. I would donate. It feels good to purge and it feels good to donate.
I like to wrap gifts, too. Especially for kids, it'f fun to unwrap things.


We have a ton, too. I reuse them. One time we were having a baby shower for a relative and I had tons of baby bags, so I took my stash to my mother's and let everyone pick what they wanted for the shower.


I use them when I pass my kids clothes on to friends, or even just when I'm donating clothes to Goodwill...I think it looks prettier than garbage bags!
You could donate them to a local nursery school for them to use for playtime.

pretty momma

yes, bringing them to fmc sounds like a great idea!! some of us are not very good at wrapping gifts...can't get it neat looking;)


Use them as shopping bags-save plastic bags that way. I use cloth shopping bags as gift bags too-that way people can use them over and over and they don't sit in a closet...:)

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