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March 16, 2010



Gorgeous!! I love it... colors, flower, everything!


I was chopping up a sweater today too - but mine is to make bear arms for little kids to wear, Bizarre? Oh yes.

Love your fashion re-do!


oh my gosh, so on my wavelength right now! i have a blue crewneck waiting to be cut up - and i've been itching to make ruffly cardigans for a while. yours turned out fantastic!!!

and YES on the shorter sleeves. i love shorter sleeved sweaters.


fabulous! as always ;-)

Patty Boyd

Cute. Cute. Cute.


I would love to see a tutorial with more details, since I am new at sewing and would LOVE to try that! I just don't have the confidence without more step by step instruction.


so wonderful! and you have once again helped others (see "f" in the above list!)...yay!! i had to laugh out loud when i began reading your post as i remember that moment in time well. :)


I love it! I would buy it if I saw it in the stores! (note to self, look for a sweater to cut)


oh my gosh i love it!


LOVE LOVE LOVE! And the colours are fantastic for you? And you look great for having a baby not too long ago, sista!


cute!!! yes ~ the internet is such a fabulous place for ideas!!
If you shorten the sleeves - you could use a green ruffle there, too :-)


This is wonderful! I love the colors, the ruffle ... yum!


This looks so fun and springy! You never cease to amaze me, friend!


Love this! You are giving me one of those omigodiwanttomakeTHAT moments!


Flower pin from a hankie? Blink. Blink. Re-read. Scan for instructions. Flower pin from a hankie? Please, share!


I have no sewing confidence at all, but I really want to try to make this. The part with overstitching the t-shirt strips to make a ruffle is a bit baffling to me. Can that be done with a regular sewing machine? Sewing with knits terrifies me.


I loved the way that turned out! So good!


that's the cutest thing i've ever seen...how clever!


Love it. Love the color combo. It's beyond my sewing abilities, but, dang, wish I could turn a sad pullover into that!


that is JUST adorable. i love it.


Love that sweater... it looks fabulous on you!


Awesome! And you are a skinny minny, by the way.


So cute! Man, do I wish I liked to sew!

Aunt Fashionista

Love it!


Very cute! This is one I'm going to try for sure.


Oh my! Just had that ahha! moment myself a couple of months ago and I am laughing reading your post because I thought the exact same thing. And I swear I never thought I would start my own blog but I just starting trying to figure it out last week. Love the sweater! So cute!




That sweater is TRIPLE A - Absolutely Amazing and Adorable!!! Inspiring and creative and unique...thank you for such a treat to the eyes and the creative spirit!!!

Carol - Rosey Corner Creations

So cute. I have a sweater I've been contemplating doing a make-over on.
I'd love more info on your ruffle.

Laura Penna

You've just giving me so many ideas to work with. Thank you!

meg duerksen

WOW!!! this is amazing!


I just love this and the colors you put together are wonderful!

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