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May 06, 2009



Oh it's not clownish! Do you not remember Gymboree around 1993 - 1997? They were nothing but clown clothes back then and Jason and Molly were always sportin the look! I will have to pull one of my photos of Jason and Molly from that time in their Gymboree finest and send it to you! Everyone needs a good laugh. :O)


Turned out great! Not a clown at all.

amy h

What would be clown on a teen is not clown on a little one. This is so cute. I still don't sew many knits unless it's just a repair or a recycle. My machine can't even zigzag well, so I don't bother!


Cute! And, gracious, I try not to think about clowns. Otherwise, I'll be paranoid about wearing flower brooches and cinched tops. Thankfully, I'm not into big red noses and giant rainbow-colored wigs. Now that would really cross the line into clown territory.


First of all this shirt looks great. How cute.
Second of all, it is my favorite pattern too, and I am so glad you posted this.
Third, I bought a bunch of knits at Hobby Lobby back in March, and still have not touched them, because I was not quite sure what to do with them. What a great idea! Thanks so much for passing it on. My daughter will be happy to finally have her printed knit made into something great!


oooh, love this one too! i love sewing with this stuff because you really don't have to hem if you don't want.

Patty Boyd

You come up with the cutest things! Adorable!


Really cute!!

UK lass in US

Judging by some of the outfits that she puts together, I think my daughter actively wants to look like a clown...

I don't think I'm ready for knits yet.


It's totally cute! and as others have said, no clown look here. Although maybe I'm not the right one to ask, since I'm a dot'oholic, LOL. Love, love,LOVE the fabric


I think it's really cute. She looks so comfortable, too.


It looks like your daughter is cominginto her own - future designer maybe?


Very, very cute! And clown never crossed my mind.

Sandy Barnes

Oh this is so cute and so is she!! I just love polka dots and this shirt is cute. I love the modifications. I think she looks adorable in it. Good Job!


You are one clever mama. And she has quite the eye for fabric!


Love the ruffle!!!

The polka-dotted 5119 shirt I made has clown potential, too.


Adorable! Thanks for recommending 5519 - I use it all the time. It has helped me become a MUCH better seamstress! :) ERin


I'm loving this material! Adorable polkadots!

aunt fashionista

Oh my gosh her ponytail looks so cute (as does the shirt)!! Her hair is getting so long! Love ya!


Very cute - as always.

mary smith

Both of the shirts in your last two posts are adorable. Fidget is so lucky to have a mom that sews sweet clothes for her. Happy Mother's Day!


I have yet to attempt sewing clothing on stretchy fabric. Well, I did try to hem some of her play pants and I couldn't get that to work very well. You did a great job though!

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