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May 04, 2009



Uh, the tote bag and pencil roll, I guess for me. I made another one this weekend. I'm on a "use what I have" mission so that's making me be creative.


Wonderful post. And great insight. I agree. It's good to have a confidence building project for everyone.
And yours is beeeeautiful! Love it.


Yes...confidence! So hard to come by sometimes so you just have to make it happen (love this timely post). Saw your pics on flickr today and I always say the same thing....awww, SO cute!


This is adorable. I love the channel for the ribbon. Very cute! Maybe with more sewing experience, I will be able to modify patterns someday. I love your modifications...lots of good ideas for me to remember.


I think this pattern had become my go to also. The girls just look to cute in the tops. I put one on Sara yesterday and a different one today! Yeah I think I must go make another, and I just picked up some cute fabric too!


such a cute little top! I love the mix of fabrics you used. Very cleaver changes. I like it very much.


That's so cute! I love the addition of the orange fabric on the bottom. Also, I agree about finding a comfortable place to start nurturing your creativity. It can seem overwhelming at first, so that's great advice. I found the same pattern for adults (the Built by Wendy pattern) was a great place for me to start sewing women's garments.

aunt fashionista

That shirt is so cute! I love that pattern. They all come out so good!


That's adorable, Chris! Love the fabric choices.

UK lass in US

Really, really sweet. I just bought some (boring and practical) fabric to make my daughter some more peasant blouses. I love how quick they are to make.

I don't think that I have a confidence building project. Wait, I do make the same baby blanket over and over. Well, that's more because my experiments keep going wrong, I run out of time, then turn to the old faithful...

Jeannine McCloskey

I love this pattern. I too make it all the time. I love your versions.


I want a little girl sew for. All your creations are adorable. Color me jealous!
Confidence is a wonderful thing.


Ok. This is totally adorable!


This is really adorable! I like the colours. They're bright and nice! Makes me happy (:


So adorable! I am with you on this pattern. I am a total novice having only started sewing a year and a half ago, but I have had a great time altering this simple pattern. Definitely gives this beginner a little more confidence. Can't wait to see your knit!


I've yet to venture too far into the clothes making world... still kinda sticking to quilts and simple craft projects. I'm not sure why sewing clothes scares me?


This is really sweet and I love the fabrics. You are making me want to start sewing clothes, which is something I said I would never do, toooo hard, you make it look easy.


I really need to give this one a try. Now that I think about it, I probably have the pattern in my collection. I always love simple patterns that let you experiment.


I love it. You know, after you made the horse shirt I went out and bought the pattern - but I haven't opened it yet. I need to get cracking!


I'm new to your blog and you inspired me...I went and bought the pattern and finished it yesterday. The result is on my blog today, if you're interested. Thanks for the inspiration!


Ack! The cuteness is staggering. Must. make. this.


Great Fabric! I think I have that pattern lying around. You've inspired me to get it out and do something with it this weekend! Thanks!


I was wondering about the channel you made for the ribbon on the shirt. Did you cut the top of the shirt from the bottom and then put in the orange band/channel for the ribbon? Or did you just sew the channel on top of the shirt and then put the ribbon in it? I am fairly new to sewing and LOVE the modifications you made! Hopefully my question makes sense.

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