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January 02, 2009


Sarah Jackson

Okay, those are all superfab. Truly. Now I think I need to go make some aprons.

And did I hear project? Waist expanding project? Yay!!! congrats!


Are you expecting!!!! You little stinker to hide it in there at the end. Congrats!

These aprons are all totally fabulous! The details are incredible.


If you're saying what I think you're saying, Congratulations!
And I love the aprons - so pretty!

Joanne (The Simple Wife)


And, I'm with everyone else...woo hoo and contgrats!



Congratulations! (and the aprons are beautiful too!)


I know what you're talking about there, girlie!!! You know how happy I am for you! I hope the remaining 25 weeks go quickly and healthily.

Love your aprons. What a fabulous gift idea.


Beee-yuuuu-teee-fulll aprons!! I love them! And I'm so excited to hear about your wink-wink surprise!


CONGRATS!!! Yippy!! Love being preggers!

AWESOME aprons, seriously, those are beauties!


Something cooking? Con-grat-yoo-lay-shuns!


Very cool. I got an apron this year from one of my students - an orange one with white polka dots.


Chris!!!!!!!!!! How exciting.

Alicia A.

Hooray! I was thinking that teeny waist looked pretty tiny...

You know I am thrilled for you. :)


Congratulations Mama!!! I love those aprons, they are just perfect!

amy h

Fun aprons! And congrats again on the babe!


The aprons look amazing -- and you know I'm happy for you!


Gah! What happened to my comment?

Congratulations! I am so incredibly happy for you. How very exciting!

Oh, and the aprons are fab. Like everything you do! ;o)


UMMMM. Adorable and cute, each of them. I'm pretty sure your kids are now Teacher's Pet.


Confirmation that I indeed do want to be a teacher, what a wonderful and I'm sure unexpected gift for each of them. I'll gladly teach your child if I can have one of my very own. Does posting great kid articles on my site count as teaching?

Website: http://www.kidsstuffworld.com


Those aprons are great!! Congratulations!!


Goosebumps! First over those rocking aprons, then more so over the awesome announcement! Yay!!!


beautiful aprons. They're only overshadowed by the beauty of your news. Congratulations! I'm so very happy for you...


those are such lovely aprons. i really appreciate your eye for beauty! also, a special congratulations on your other project. may it be a wonderful experience for you and your family.


what gorgeous aprons! and congrats!


Those aprons are incredible! And so is your news! Congratulations!


I am so so happy for you Chris! Congrats!

(and the aprons are fab too!)

Gina Ellerbee

You are all over it aren't you? Homemade gifts for the teachers huh? Very well done. I am inspired... maybe next year. Congrats on your little bun in the oven.


Wow those are really pretty!

Kim V

Beautiful aprons and congrats!!!! Happy new Year!


I was just about to hate you with that teeny tiny waist ;-) I'm so happy that you're finally sharing with the world, you know that I'm thrilled for you.
Oh yeah, those aprons are super fabulous!!


Oh, hugs mama! And thank god I don't have to worry about spilling the beans in a comment any more. :)
And my cousin (a nurse who works with other preggo nurses) says Benadryl works for nausea and is safe. In case your tummy is still feeling not so right.


the aprons are great! congratulations to you! i am so excited for you! take care of yourself!


Your aprons are wonderful!! I think I need to try that!



I would love to see a pic of a baby bump!!!!

Mrs. DD

Love your aprons! Your color choices are great. I am a bright color person too! Congrads on your other news as well


What unbelievable teacher gifts!! Gorgeous :)


Wow, I think I'll start looking in my scrap pile of fabric....got to make one of those. I love the details on the pocket...I would have never thought of that! Love the buttons and ribbon mix!


What great gifts! Wish I taught your little angels. The aprons are beautiful and sooooo creative. You are my inspiration today.

Gabriela Delworth


Happy New Year!

These aprons are fantastic!

~ Gabriela ~


Yay on your new Big Project! I've been waiting to hear that news from you!!! xoxoxox

Tracy Feldmann

Oh, Chris...

I am so happy for you! A little angel on the way, fantastic news!! Congratulations!!



I am so happy happy happy for you!


Love, love, LOVE those aprons! As a teacher, I have never received such a gorgeous gift from a student. Your kids' teachers are SO lucky!

Congrats on your new little blessing!

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