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October 01, 2008



Oh.my.word. That is adorable. Makes me want to sew for Fidge too. :)


too cute! you're right, navy t-straps would be perfect. maybe with knee socks.

and a beret. ;)


Very Cute. Love the colors/print!


That outfit looks so cute. I did wear a uniform to school...brown, yellow, black, and white plaid. Brown knee high socks, brown shoes, brown sweater, YELLOW shirt. Oh it was just as ugly as it sounds! I would have worn that little plaid you've got goin' in a minute and been darn happy too! I still shudder when I think of that brown plaid.


Ahhh! I love it.

I remember that MS tutorial. I've been wanting to try it. Just need to find a wool sweater. (I actually saw a few at the thrift store today and didn't buy them! What was I thinking?!?)

I wish Fidge would wear new clothes. I know that Spenser is a little picky. Her rule of thumb is: If it's not pink, I won't wear it.


So cute! Thanks for the links. I have a number of felted sweaters waiting to be used. I love the brown and the plaid together! Fidget is a lucky girl.


It's adorable! I'm sure Fidge will look cute in this one! Good luck on getting her to wear it (:


this is so, so cute. i have often wanted to try something like that, but it makes me a bit nervy. it looks so beautiful, though!!

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