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Stitching myself into a frenzy

My inlaws drove up so hubs and I could travel to the Tiger football game on Saturday sans children.  (M-I-Z-Z-O-U!) It was much fun, despite the rain.  Waterlogged, but happy with our comfortable lead in the third quarter, we hit Shakespeares for pizza before heading home.  There is nothing like Shakes'.  Oh my.  Those college kids have no idea how much they will miss that place once they move on...

It's a two hour drive, which is perfect for car embroidery.  When you remember to bring it.  I happened to leave mine on my dresser at home.  With my book.  Good times. 


I have this top secret gift project, and this is pretty much all I can show you, because the giftee might peek and that giftee doesn't even know this is coming because it is long overdue.  That's all I can tell you.  Satin stitching is something I don't do very often, but I am pleased with how this is coming along. 

I love to embroider while catching up on DVR'd shows, like MadMen on Sunday nights.  I am  more than a little obsessed with that program. You know how sometimes you just want to metaphorically right-click-copy>paste things in real life?  Well, I want to do that while watching this show.  The set design blows me away every time. And those outfits.  I tell you what, my big ol' "textured" hair would have ROCKED those updos.  And, whaddya know?  The actor who plays Don Draper even went to Mizzou.  (It all comes back to my Tigers during football season, I tell you. )


The other little project I started over the weekend was sugar city's Village Frock Dress, in size 3.  After tracing the pieces (I so need to get some examination paper, erin!) on Saturday, I was able to piece some of it last night.   I'm using stash fabric  -- a heavy natural linen and some polka-dots -- and it's coming together fairly quickly.  There are so many variations of this little dress that it boggles my mind. 

And there was more piecing of Fidget's quilt, too.  I think I have decided to send it out for proper quilting once I'm done with the top and back.  Machine quilting something this big is definitely a huge undertaking and I am always impressed when I see others take it on... but I'm afraid it will cost me my sanity.  There is a terrific quilt shop here in town that has a list of local quilters who will finish the job for you, and I think that investment will be ok.  Especially since hubs agreed with me.  (Although that may be fore selfish reasons.   I don't think he wants to witness the struggle.)  Ha.


Alicia A.

Do you have HBO? Are you watching True Blood?
Creepy, cool, twisted... I'm loving it. Rachel says she addicted to Mad Men too.

I can't wait to see all your finished projects.


Yeah, when you talk about football and TV, my eyes kind of glaze over and I remember how out of it I am. But that's OK because then you show some stuff that I "get." That dress! I have never heard of it. Does it go up to a size 6? I have so much free time on my hands, I think I should take on a new sewing project or two... lol.


Oh, I bought a copy of that pattern, too. I can't decide if I should just make it from my stash or buy what I really want ... (I wonder if she'd wear it anyway at this point.)


Happy Sewing, my dear. That satin stitch.... too fun.


Embroidering during TV is a great idea. I think I'll have to give it a try.


My husband and oldest son got to go to the Tigers game Sunday too. I had to settle for the t.v. version. They hit Shakespeares after the game as well. Personally I don't see how you all stand that stuff! I always thought it tasted like a really salty greasy piece of plastic. But apparently I'm in the minority on that one!


We haven't seen Mad Men yet here in Australia. But I ahve seen enough screen caps to know that I am OBSESSED with that bed head. You know... the blue velveteen tufted one.

Why? Got me beat there. All I know is that it's the bed of my dreams...


Glad you enjoyed the game but what a long ride that must have been. Wouldn't he stop at the local dry goods store for a replacement project? Men!

julie I'm craving Shakespeare's. And a Mad Man - Mizzou connection?'ve made my day!


That dress looks great. I'm going to check out that pattern - I've never heard of it before.

Lil' d

I don't think I'd be able to embroider in the car - there's enough finger pricking and swearing when I'm sat on the sofa. Throw in my husband's nutty driving and I think I'd have a blood bath on my hands.

amy h

I haven't seen that pattern before. It is so cute! I may have to get that one. I can't wait to see how it turns out.


i'm so in love with madmen, too.
and i want to make that dress - do you think it would be hard to size up? kate wears an 8 and it only goes to 6...


Oh I love Mad Men too, it's such a treat to watch!


just found your blog--i went to mizzou! go tigers! i'm super pumped for this season, and am going to the nov. 8th game--can't wait! love your blog:)

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