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Does anyone else's to-do list look like this?

  • mail pattern
  • book C's flight
  • find buttons for dress
  • start baby quilts
  • embroider last block of Fidget's quilt
  • design & sew car seat cover
  • cut thrifted cardigans
  • wash car
  • sign permission form and find checkbook
  • change sheets
  • start laundry
  • Finish SOMETHING!  :)

I see this and shake my head.  Time for more coffee, I think.  It's only Tuesday, for crying out loud.

ps: Morgan Moore's NieNie Benefit sale also starts today at 10AM PST.... There are some darling handmade and vintage items for sale (not auction!) and the proceeds will all go the Neilsen's Recovery Fund.  I think I'm gonna do some early holiday shopping....



oh my friend yes...especially the "finish something" part. Seems I just have a bunch of unfinished projects laying around.

TD wool design

oh yeah!
i don't even want to make the list, it's so long. i need tiiiimmme! hope you are more successful than i am :)


Oh yes ... this looks QUITE familiar. Although my list also has items like:
1. locate living room floor
2. empty dinner dishes, load breakfast dishes
3. after finding clean underwear for family members to wear, fold laundry
4. screw on head so you won't lose it


mine is a nice hybrid between yours and courtney's - with the addition of finding a new/used hybrid you can afford.


my inlaws are coming this weekend. so i don't have to explain my list, do i? ;)


My list could look like that, but I'd rather be a slacker and knit, knit, knit all day. Hmm, and I wonder why there's laundry all over the floor and dirty dishes in the sink?


My list looked like your list so I tossed it! I don't need that kind of stress. I made a new list...Read, quilt, eat junk food, read some more, look at my fabric stash lovingly, maybe take a nap...I wish. :O)


My list looked like yours during the 10-month break before university started. Now that it has started, my list consists of...STUDYING!


Oy. My list yesterday was out of control. I was on my feet all day long. Hope you got some things done!

Kim V

My list is forever long and overwhelming at times! Good luck with yours! I am taking a time out for a few minutes and then back to my list!


My to-do list is so much longer than that that I don't even want to tell you or anyone else. Even myself. lol.


Oh Lordy girl! I feel ya on the last item on your list. Seems like I never get that item done either, ugh!


"finish something" is always on my to-do lists!

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