Slipcover? Check.
I love Kansas City.

Why is it

that you need a vacation to recover from vacation?

Back from Arizona

I got back two nights ago around 1 am.  Arizona is so stark and beautiful.  And lush.  Is that possible?  To be dry and stark and severe and ... lush??  hmph.

Yesterday was a bit of a blur.  Today I am rested, but so far behind.  Work, housekeeping, groceries, unreturned calls and emails...

gritty and wet.

At some point I am sure it will all settle back down.  (Much like when you change the water in a fish tank and even though you know it's cleaner and refreshed, it still looks cloudy for a day or so.)

spent buds.

Anyway, I've got lots to share.  Lots.  Like I said, I'm behind.  But I'm trying to right myself and get back on track before I settle down to my daily rounds in blogland and flickr.  I've dabbled here and there and -- oh my -- is there ever a lot of fun stuff going on.  It can overwhelm a girl.  I'm looking at at my unread bloglines numbers and they kind of freak me out. 

i don't know what this is.  Pretty, though.

I took almost 400 photos during our stay.  The harsh sunlight was a challenge.  Fun, though.



welcome back, I missed you :-)


boy, you're sure getting along with that camera nicely!!!


And what gorgeous photos they are! I know I always feel totally overwhelmed by blogland after a few days away from it. Just hit 'mark all read' and life becomes more manageable!

Now if only I were able to take my own advice.


Vacations after vacations are definitely a necessity. (Unfortunately I think Joe's scheduled his vacation the week before school starts in August. There's going to be a lot of dragging butts that Monday morning ...)

Glad you're back.


I'm laughing at Lera's dragging butts comment. Tee hee...

I agree. A post vacation vacation is a must. Too bad it never happens like that.

I love that third photo. Very watercolor-y!


Arizona is one of our favorite places. We actually ranked Tucson as our number one pick for residency. I completely know what you mean about the lushness. beautiful.


In past years when we got out of school a little earlier we took the week before Memorial Day as vacation. Then we had Memorial Day to recover before heading back into the working world. This year - we're vacationing in our ole hometown. Maybe it won't be so brutal.

As for light, when I lived in India I used my flash a lot outdoors to compensate for the harsh shadows from such strong light.


Your pictures are beautiful! Maybe even better than in person!? What fun though. Miss you, Flossy!

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