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April 29, 2008



Ooh, I love the green with the blue print. It looks pretty with the curtains.

Melissa @ Breath of Life

I'm hoping Cook will do "I'm a Believer". Did you know Neil Diamond wrote that song, and the Monkees performed it? He could probably do a great rendition of "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon", too.

And I can totally see Castro doing "Forever in Blue Jeans"...fits his beach-y vibe.

I can see Syesha belting out "Traveling Rose".


Will it be sitting in front of those blue curtains? If so, I like the blue printed fabric.


You are doing great! Beki gives us all something to strive for.

Hey, I like the green with blue. Goes well with your curtains.


Look at that slipcover! You go, girl! It's lookin' good!!!

(I can't offer advice on pillow fabrics. I stink at home decorating.)

Jen b

oh DEFINITELY the blue and green pillows for the couch. the slipcover looks so great! fresh and crisp.

i am so with you on all of your american idol predictions and david cook is my fav too.


your slip cover looks wonderful! my vote is for green and blue.


The slipcover looks awesome! The light in that room is incredibly great for photos. They always look so nice. I like the blue and green Amy Butler, too.


1. Wow on the slipcover! So impressive!
2. With your curtain in the background, I really like the blue/green/brown AB print for the pillow.
3. I saw U2 do a fantastic version of Sweet Caroline once - at Arrowhead? Kepmper? I don't remember which tour that was. I never liked that song until I saw them do it. :)


man i wish i had beki's energy too! just used a different color variation of the top fabric for a quilt! great to use. but i am lovin that pink too! keep up the energy!

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