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March 28, 2008



Yikes! That's a dilema!! I do like the pink! What about cleaning? You were wanting the white so you could bleach the heck out of it when needed......just a reminder. Hmmm....what would Mr. PINK say? lol


I love pink a lot. A lot. So much so that I got married in a pink wedding dress.

But I am going to vote for white on the settee. I think it's all too easy to get tired of such a bold color, and then you may not like the furniture as much.

Just my 2 cents.


I know I said dye it, but that was only half hearted. I do love the white and cherry pillow idea. Especailly across from your proper DR - although I do love pink and brown together, too. I'm glad it isn't my decision. Have fun with that, my friend!


I simply enjoy reading your debate. I recognize this kind of back and forth from inside my own head!


I think I would be leaning toward the white with the cherry cushion. I think the other reason that pink couch works so well in the photo is how graphic and pop-ish the wall behind her is. You could always make a simple pink slipcover to change out when you are feeling like brightening things up.


White gets my vote. Throw on a different pillow for a new look. Pink wouldn't be quite so easy.


White gets my vote. Throw on a different pillow for a new look. Pink wouldn't be quite so easy.


Okay, I had been thinking pink velvet when I first saw the sofa but to actually live with a pink sofa...na. I would go with white and make some pink pillows. That way when it turned brown from the kids I'd have that pink and brown look going


yup...keep it white and add pink pillows or even do the big "pillow" pink...how much material would that take...or even one side of the big "pillow" white and the other side pink...how about that?

no matter what you decide...it's gonna be fab.



Actually the pink is very nostalgic for me. My father's parents had an antique one in their formal living room and it was pink (if I remember correctly). It was my favorite seat in their house. I'm just sayin'.


Okay Chris, let's think logically about this... That's not her pink sofa. It's all mind games and warping your brain to think you need a pink sofa. Listen carefully. YOU DO NOT NEED A PINK SOFA. Go white girlfriend and do the fun pillow!


OMGosh Girlie! I used to have a pink chair and I wish I had known you before I got rid of it b/c its *so* you! In fact, if you had known me then, you would have been mad at me getting rid of it, lol. Holy moly, is that you in that pic???
I have to say though, I really do like the white with the very cool red print pillow idea.

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