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March 25, 2008



Sweet! She's thought of everything! One smart cookie that girl is!


Such a good planner! I work teach 4th - 7th graders and not very many of my students would have been that organized! Pat that girl on the back.


that is seriously hilarious. my will-be-8-in-june daughter always starts planning her party around halloween! or earlier. sadly, i'm right there with her, and this year's party will rock. ;)


omg that is a total riot. what a peach!


Can I come? Sounds like fun.

(My oldest will be a middle-schooler next school year. I'm not old enough ::cough:: for that.)

Leigh Ann

That is hilarious! I think my daughter is following in her footsteps.

Cheers! LA


That is hilarious! Thank you for sharing that. I am disappointed though that you aren't allowing fire juggling. What kind of mom are you anyway!?! ;)


That is too funny with the no hairbrush sharing! LOL! It is very upsetting when they start middle school. I will not distress you with some of the topics my daughter came home and asked about that first year of middle school. No, you do not want to think about it. They know a heck of a lot more than I did at that age! My oldest son is now 16 and learning to drive. And my oldest daughter is about to be 15 (April) and going to her first "Spring Formal" with a DATE! A date who doesn't understand why miss M's Mommy will be driving and not mr. date. Mmmm, good good times here.


Oh my gosh! Fire and balls...I love that she even thinks she has friends that would have a talent involving either one of those things! Awesome!


Love the hairbrush thing! She'd be appalled at my house - there's only one and no-one really uses it. And I'm sure there's a backstory to that 'fire and balls' comment!


What a stich! This young lady is thoughtful (concern for allergies)a creative writer, planner and likes to have a good time. Best of all, she has respect for rules and enforces the most important ones. She will go far!

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